Providing a Safe Environment

Our goal is to help keep our community safe and trusted. We developed these standards based on our extensive experience interacting with members of the community. These standards are intended to gather together our existing policies into a single framework that will help members of the community better understand what to expect from us and what we expect of them.


Booking Instructions

When booking a property with us, you first must sign-up to become a member. Being a member is FREE!

When you have been successfully approved as a member, you will be given access to the available properties and the booking calendars for each location.

Once you have found a place that you want to entertain your guest in, all you have to do is choose an available slot, and that is it!

Our support staff will contact you to confirm your appointment and make sure that you have the proper information and instructions for your booking.


Commitment to Reservations

When you confirm, we are trusting you to show up on time for your reservation. Whether it’s a vacation or business, an unexpected change in your reservation can be very disruptive. If the unexpected happens and you can’t avoid cancelling a confirmed booking, here are some things to keep in mind:

• As soon as you know that you have to cancel, let your us know right away. This will give us as much time as possible to find new occupants.
• Cancel the reservation by calling us
• When there is an extenuating circumstance or a safety concern, we may make an exception to cancellation penalties.

We want users who book with us on Incall Rentals to feel confident in their plans, so we take cancellations seriously. You can be subject to penalties—including financial penalties—if you cancel a confirmed booking.



It’s important to follow this clear and simple check-in process.

• Call us at least 2 hours before your reservation and make sure you follow through with it.
• Your reservation starts at the exact time you have arranged with us so arriving on time is in your best interest.
• Make sure you contact us if you have a travel delay or last-minute question
• Let your guests know our entrance procedures. Each property has different means for entering so make sure you have the right information.



It is ensured that all listings will be clean and tidy and most inviting. It’s important to give yourself enough time to tidy and clean as best as you can afterwards, particularly because there may be back-to-back bookings.

• Clean every room that you and your guests used during your stay, especially the bedroom and washrooms
• All listings provide clean towels and sheets, but after you have used them, they should be left in the laundry area.
• At the end of your stay, the areas should be as how you came in (minus the laundry)

Please note that if you consistently use our listings, you will be given a cleanliness ratings, and low ratings may affect your ability to make future reservations.


For further inquires please contact us